Security features on unit packets of tobacco products

To be able to check whether a tobacco product is authentic or not, the unit packet must carry a tamper proof security feature, with visible and invisible elements. Cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco supplied to consumers in Sweden must have a safety feature with at least five authentication elements.

From 20th May 2024 all tobacco products must have a security feature to enable authorities and consumers to verify the products authenticity.

Authentication element

The following five authentication elements shall be used in combination with each other and shall be included in the security feature on tobacco products that are intended for the Swedish market.

Overt elements – visible

  • Guilloche – an ornamental pattern of two or more interlaced bands that are printed in multiple non-standard colours.
  • Colour-changing ink – reveals changing colours when view under different angles.

Semi-covert - partially visible

  • Microprint – print using extremely small text that requires magnification to become readable.
  • Ultraviolet ink (UV printing) on UV dull paper - text that will be readable under special UV light.

Covert - invisible

  • Anti-Stokes inks – print that only can be examined with special equipment.

At least one of the authentication elements must be supplied by an independent third-party supplier in accordance with Article 3(2) of Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/576.

Security features with authentication elements on tobacco products

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