The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 25 March 2020

COVID-19 and children

COVID-19 and children

  • Can children and youths be vaccinated as planned according to the child vaccination programme during the outbreak of COVID-19?

    Yes, children and youths can be vaccinated according to the child vaccination programme also during the outbreak of COVID-19. In case of an ongoing acute infection with fever and/or an affected general condition (COVID-19 or other illness) the vaccination should, as always, be postponed.

  • Are children affected by COVID-19?

    Children represent only a small proportion of the reported cases of COVID-19. Studies suggest that infected children develop very mild symptoms. There is currently very limited knowledge about to what extent COVID-19 spreads between children, and there are no reports about extensive transmission within groups of children.

    Even if they have mild symptoms, children can pass the infection to others (just like adults with mild symptoms). Therefore, it is important that children with fever or cold do not meet elderly people or people with immune system problems.

    New knowledge is added every day, and we monitor the situation closely to be able to give accurate advice.

    BRIS (Children´s Rights in Society, in Swedish) and the WHO have published support on how to support children in matters related to COVID-19.