The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Updated 19 October 2021

Recommendation for all travellers to get tested for COVID-19 after arriving in Sweden

The Public Health Agency of Sweden recommends that anyone who is 6 years of age or older take a PCR test after arriving in Sweden from outside the Nordic countries. This includes Swedish citizens and the recommendation applies regardless of whether you have symptoms or not.

You should get tested as soon as you can after arriving in Sweden, preferably the same day. Find out how to get tested by visiting

Be careful who you meet in the week following your arrival. Especially avoid meeting people who are part of a risk group. If you are infected, you risk spreading the infection further, for example at your place of work and within your immediate social circle. Therefore, pay very close attention to mild symptoms and keep physical distance.

This recommendation is valid until 31 October.

Exceptions to the recommendation to get tested after arrival

You do not need to get tested if you:

  • have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks before arriving in Sweden
  • have travelled only in the Nordic countries
  • are under six years of age
  • have had a confirmed COVID-19 infection within the past six months.

The exception applies to vaccination with vaccines approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or vaccines that have been issued with emergency authorisation by the WHO.

If you develop symptoms

Stay alert to symptoms of COVID-19 during fourteen days after arrival. If you develop symptoms, you must get tested as soon as possible. Visit to find out what you need to do in your region. This applies even if you have been vaccinated or if more than six months have passed since you had a confirmed COVID-19 infection.

Read what to do if you develop symptoms: If you or a family member has fallen ill.

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