Good health is the most important thing in life to most people. Over a long period of time, public health in Sweden has improved significantly. Life expectancy is increasing and other measures of health are moving in a positive direction. Overall, we feel better, but the difference between those with the worst health and those with the best health appears to be increasing rather than decreasing.

This brochure contains a brief presentation of the Public Health Agency of Sweden – its mission, vision statement and different tasks as well as brief facts about the agency. The principal target group is composed of stakeholders such as other government agencies, regions, county councils and municipalities but also the public.

The brochure in Swedish: Vårt uppdrag – att stärka och utveckla folkhälsan

I broschyren Vårt uppdrag - att stärka och utveckla folkhälsan ges en kortfattad presentation av Folkhälsomyndigheten och dess uppdrag, vision och olika verksamheter samt korta fakta om myndigheten i stort. Broschyren riktar sig främst till olika intressenter som övriga myndigheter, regioner, landsting och kommuner men även till allmänheten.

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