Towards a good and equitable health – A framework for implementing and monitoring the national public health policy


In this report, The Public Health Agency of Sweden presents a short description of a framework for how the reformulated public health strategy will be implemented. This includes strategies and goals for monitoring public health, coordination within public health work, in-depth analyses in certain subject areas, and dissemination of knowledge. The report also includes a brief description of the context within which the framework has been developed, such as the public health policy and existing structures within public health work in Sweden today.

The target group of this report is primarily civil servants, officials and decision-makers working directly or indirectly with public health and public health issues on national, regional or local level.

Attachment 1: List of indicators for monitoring health status and social determinants of health (PDF, 227 kB)

Swedish version of this publication

Author: Folkhälsomyndigheten
Number of pages: 10
Article number: 21273