Projektutlysning EU-kommissionen

CHAFEA utlyser ett nytt projekt "Transferring the Wholegrain promotion initiative to other countries". De söker även förslag på best practices inom interventioner för att nå hållbarhetsmål SDG 3.4 om icke smittsamma sjukdomar.

EU kommissionen (Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA)) utlyser ett projekt om "Transferring the Wholegrain promotion initiative to other countries" inom ramen för EU:s hälsoprogram. Den elektroniska ansökan öppnade den 8 januari och stänger 13 mars. För mer information se nedan länk från CHAFEA.

Vidare så vill man ha förslag på "best practices" när det gäller olika interventioner som fungerar på lokal, regional och nationell nivå för att nå hållbarhetsmål SDG 3.4 om icke smittsamma sjukdomar. Se nedan information från Chafea och länk.

CHAFEA would like to announce,

1. Opening of the Annual work plan 2018 Call for Proposals for Projects on Implementation of best practices to promote health and prevent non-communicable diseases and to reduce health inequalities, Call ID: HP-PJ-04-2018 Transferring the Wholegrain promotion initiative to other countries. The electronic submission will open on 8 January 2019 and closing deadline will be on 13 March 2019 17:00 CET. More information can be found on the European Commission website.

2. DG SANTE and the Commission's Joint Research Centre are seeking to select public health best practices i.e. practical interventions that have shown to work at local, regional or national level, that can be transferred between Member States or scaled-up and are conducive to reaching SDG 3.4. (i.e. non communicable diseases (NCDs)). Stakeholders are invited to submit evaluated practices through the Best Practice portal until 31 January 2019. All practices submitted by this date will be assessed in spring 2019. The owners of the practices selected as "best" would be invited to a "marketplace" workshop with Member States representatives to present their practice (planned for June 2019). It is foreseen that all practices selected as "best" receive a certificate of recognition and are published on the best practice portal.

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